Dast designs from now on like Dast or Dast designs.

User Information

We store the following information in our customer databases:
  1. Email: Necessary for registration.
  2. Full name: Necessary to address the customer when filling the budget.
  3. Paypal Email: Optional, if the customer wants payments to be made faster, this is done under confirmation.
  4. Using web hosting and domain management: We will have your domain, if the customer wishes you can transfer to your domain to another domain provider once finished with us. Your web hosting will have full access to your service.
  5. Paypal Order: To confirm your purchases, likewise this order is stored and used to track it, once confirmed the product can never be confirmed again.
  6. All the information the customer sent: Whether on tickets or on tracking.

Our Services

  • Dast designs offers an untethered budget, a final price that is clarified at checkout and a quick payment process, via paypal.
  • Refunds or returns of our services will not be accepted.
  • Once the payment is made, you can check your quotes and check the order status in your profile in the section - Orders - Tracker.
  • Finally an agent will contact you through the follow-up with the client and there you can see all the information and estimated time.
  • If the order is slightly different from the assumption in the budget, Dast will take the liberty of changing the price or even cancelling the product.

Our plans

  • When hiring a quote, the customer is in turn obliged to purchase any of our plans. Among others, to host your website and domain despite having one, except for specific cases under the determination of Dast designs.
  • Refunds or returns will not be accepted from our plans.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time, however all services with Dast designs will be finished on the indicated date (you can always return).